The Mind and Body Connection

What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve. 

This is a powerful tagline of an advert about a child’s growth and development. This simple statement expresses the connection between the mind and the body. Indeed, the mind is so powerful that it can command the body to do anything with something called willpower. The process that connects the mind and the body is so mindboggling that numerous studies have been done since the 1920s by scientists and researchers. They seek to understand and explain how interrelated the human brain is with the human body. Scientific breakthroughs have since pointed to the fact that the body is exceptionally responsive to training and conditioning of the mind.

Using the Mind for Better Health

Depending on whether stimulated or relaxed, the mind can trigger certain body responses. Meditation, yoga, qigong, prayer, visualisation and imagery, or even support groups are some interventional techniques that can get patients with health problems better immune systems and healthier levels of blood pressure. Even short-term meditation can make a difference in the managing of emotions and coping reflexes of those who tried it for a month. Stress-related hormones respond well to therapies and programmes that calm the mind and bring about positive changes in one’s mental state.

Mindfulness helps decrease the chemicals that raise heart rates and blood pressure levels. Slower breathing and heart rates result in the reduction of a person’s stress levels and generate desirable changes in the brainwaves. Armed with this knowledge supported by evidence from research, one must take advantage of the health benefits that the mind can conceive for its physical body and health.


While the mind offers a lot for its owner, the body must also co-operate to complete the process of self-healing itself. Innately, the body can renew itself from minor aches and pains with enough sleep, rest, exercise and nourishment. This is because the body has a natural ability to heal itself together with the brain and all the different body organs and systems. It is like a well-oiled machine participating and working as a whole, for better health. In extreme cases like cancers, diabetes, allergies, psoriasis, and stress-related diseases, patients have been known to be treated with visualising themselves cured. And they live to tell of their tales.

The overwhelming evidence indicating that the body is strongly interdependent with a person’s mental state and health bears the importance of the reminder to care for yourself. Be it through meditation, exercise, nutrition or other health programmes, it is imperative that one has to take care of the body now, as well as one’s state of mind, for better health and for a longer and enjoyable future.



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