Third Eye Chakra – The Way To Sharpen Your Insight

All people have a sixth sense or second sight. However, it is inactive or closed in most of people. When your second sight is not open, you cannot access your deeper knowledge and you tend not to trust your instinct when you sense something that is beyond the comprehension of your other five senses. If you see, hear or feel something but you have no idea of its source or cause, you write it off as merely foolishness. By opening your Third Eye Chakra, you will learn to know the difference between making sense and nonsense and separating fact from fiction.

What is a Third Eye Chakra?

Also known as Brow Chakra, you will find it in the middle of your forehead between the eyebrows. Coloured purple, it is associated with ESP or Sixth Sense. Opening this chakra allows us access into our inner sight, powers of observation and our link to the Divine.

The signs of having a weak Third Eye Chakra are sleeplessness, lack of imagination, tiredness, poor memory and impatience with others. But when this chakra is active and balanced, you feel mentally focused, in touch with reality and your intuition is very strong. You can distinguish between logic and daydreams. In addition, you can easily tell fantasy and illusion from intuition.

Opening the Third Eye Chakra through Meditation

Clear Sight Writing and Third Eye Chakra Affirmation are two meditations you can practice to activate and balance the Third Eye Chakra.

Clear Sight Writing. Write down a question or problem that is troubling you. Clear your mind, relax and don’t let yourself get distracted by any noise. Then begin writing everything that comes to your mind – absolutely no editing; just let your stream of consciousness go. Aside from words, you can also draw images that pop into your mind.

Allow your intuition free reign as you read what you have written and trust that it will lead you to the answer you seek. You can also highlight with a coloured pen the words that resonate with you the most. Use these words as clues to the next step that you need to take.

Third Eye Chakra Affirmation

This is a relaxing, simple exercise that serves as both affirmation and an acupressure massage that will help eliminate negative thoughts and focus your intention for positive action.

How is this done? Put your fingertips on the bridge of your nose and softly massage between your brows. With eyes closed, envision an exquisite, deep blue disc moving clockwise on your forehead.

Breathe deeply three times. When you inhale, utter, “I inhale the light of wisdom, truth and divinity”. When you exhale, say, “I exhale with inspiration, intuition and insight”.

When you feel like your senses are playing tricks on you, use meditation to gain deeper insight and help you distinguish fact from fiction.



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