Tips For A Healthy Mind

I’m Michael Atma and today I am going to share with you 3 simple tips to have a healthier mind and happier life, but first… and to give you some context, let me tell you a bit about my story.

Many years ago, I struggled with stress and anxiety on a daily basis. I was so tense that I found it almost impossible to think straight, stay focused on anything longer than a few minutes, and unable to get a good nights rest due to constantly worrying about the future.

I was too proud to see a doctor, and because my head wasn’t in a good space, I avoided friends and family as it was so hard to concentrate on anything other than the doom and gloom going on in my head.

I decided that something had to change as my life kept spiralling downward. I knew there had to be a way to get my head right again, so I went looking… and I was not prepared for what I was about to find.

At this time of my life meditation and ‘alternative’ ways of health and well-being were foreign to me. In fact, I was downright sceptical about them. But somehow, something led me to it. In spite of it being so foreign, and out of character for me, I was open to it. Not just because I needed to get my life back together, but because I was being drawn to it.

Since then, I haven’t looked back. Hungry for more information, I started studying meditation, mindfulness, and personal development… and even got to travel the world for 10 years and having the most amazing life-transformative experiences along the way.

It wasn’t until I published my first book about my journey and found myself standing in front of crowds of over 2,000 people and helping them to find more happiness, health and enjoyment in their lives, that I realized that I had not only healed my stress and anxiety, but had now gathered so much knowledge to share with the world! It was then that I decided to become a meditation teacher.

Since then, I’ve successfully taught thousands of people to use meditation to change their lives and have a healthy mind. What has even more value to me is the opportunity that technology now gives to share my knowledge with men, women and children all around the planet who are in need of more calm, clarity and focus.

Understanding How Meditation Works

In recent times, mindfulness meditation has started to become a hot topic that is gaining a lot of momentum in the world of health and well-being. From helping people to clear their mind, to easing the symptoms of pain, treating depression, and even being proven to grow back brain matter that slows down aging and improves memory, the full range of benefits of meditation are only just starting to be realized.

Meditation is similar to lifting weights for the mind in that anyone can be happy by simply training their brain. It is a way of observing what is going on inside us, without judgment. When this happens, then the tension inside us that is created by negative or stressful thoughts, feelings or experiences, starts to dissolve.

The essence of all meditation techniques is to help the mind to be able to be comfortable with being silent. We are so conditioned to be on the go all the time that when we do have some spare time, the mind is still engaged in some activity that doesn’t allow us to experience moments of calmness and deep relaxation.

All of us need these moments so that we can create a bit of space in our head to clear the mind, get focused and get some balance back into our lives. Once you get out of the loop of restless thoughts and mental agitation through simple mindfulness meditation techniques then a calm and peaceful mind is possible.

When that happens, then that’s when the benefits of meditation happen. We literally have to get out of our head before we can ever truly be at peace with our lives and enjoy the benefits of a healthy mind.

Benefits like:

  • Less Stress
  • More Focus
  • Less Worry
  • More Joy
  • Sleep Better
  • Feel Better
  • Love More

Meditation also offers a way to connect with being present with here and now, which brings a stability to the mind that allows for a clarity and crispness of thought. In essence, this nourishes the mind keeping it happy and healthy.

 Top Tips For a Healthy Mind

Right now, I’m going to share with you three very simple things you can do to keep the mind and happy and healthy.

1. Meditate Daily

This is by far the simplest and easiest way to have a healthy mind. Just giving your mind a well deserved break from the constant stimulation it has to deal with from your everyday thoughts, feelings and events will help keep the mind free and the body refreshed. Just by giving yourself the gift of clearing your mind and relaxing for just 5 or even 10 minutes a day will help keep your mind balanced and ready to stay focused when you need it.

2.  Clear Out Clutter

Keeping your home and work space clear of clutter you will create more space in your head. A cluttered life always stems from a cluttered mind and the easiest way to change it is to get rid of clutter. Yes, it may take time to go through your home, car, garage, and workspace to make sure all your spaces are clear and tidy but imagine how you’ll feel when it’s done. We all know how suffocating it feels when things keep piling up for us to think about or do. So whether it’s having no space in our head to think clearly or relax, or no space in our environment to find what we need, or move freely, they both impact each other. So if you get rid of clutter from your environment or your head, either way it gives you instant space and freedom.

3.  Do Something You Love

Spend time each day doing a hobby or activity that you love. Not everyone is fortunate enough to love the work they do, and if that is you, then you are truly blessed, but if it isn’t, then immersing yourself in doing what you love is the next best thing. When you do a hobby or activity you love, it gives your mind something fun and joyful to focus on, which brings you happiness and peace. If you don’t have something yet that you love to do, then start looking and don’t give up trying new things until you  find something that you can’t wait to do each day. This will be the best investment in having a happy and healthy mind that you could ever make. And who knows, maybe even one day it could lead to living the life of your dreams.
















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