Too Busy? Try Group Meditation

Too Busy? Try Group Meditation

Carving out more time from your already too-busy schedule to meditate may seem like a hard thing to do. Even if you’re genuinely interested about meditation, it’s easy to put it off and tell yourself you’ll do it “when” you have the time.

If you’re new to meditation, here’s something you must remember: You’ll never have the time unless you make time.

Clarity, peace, and awareness won’t sprout legs and march towards you. You need to earn them through constant meditation. If you’re one of those people who can’t seem to find the time to meditate, get yourself into group meditation.

Wondering why? Here are several reasons why you should:

Having a Definite Schedule

Once you sign up for group meditation, you’re also setting a definite date, time, and place to meditate. You commit yourself to a specific schedule which pretty much solves the first and most common problem that beginners face — not finding time.

Finding a Support Group

Think about meditation as an exercise, which is actually true. Although it’s not physically demanding like running, biking, or swimming, meditation is a form of exercise for the mind. It trains your mind to let go of negativity and stay in the present.

But just like other forms of exercise, physical or mental, it’s difficult at first. There’s a huge amount of “inertia” to overcome, and it’s easy to quit at this stage. But if you’re meditating with a group, you’ll be motivated. Aside from the teacher who’ll guide you, you’ll find new friends — meditation buddies — you can talk to and learn from.

Prevents Boredom

When you meditate by yourself all the time especially if you’re just starting out, the practice could get old quickly. There’s a good chance you’ll become bored and just quit. But if you’re in a group, you can bounce off other people’s energy and enthusiasm. You’ll connect to individuals who are dedicated and enthusiastic about meditation.

Get Answers

More often than not, beginners question themselves, “Am I doing it right?” If you meditate by yourself all the time and if you don’t know anyone who meditates too, you’ll have no one to ask and talk to about the experiences you go through. You can search for answers online but written or video testimonials of strangers, which may be real or made up, are nothing compared with the firsthand and real-time answers you can get from group meditation.

There’s power in numbers. If you want to learn more and be better in meditation, give group meditation a chance. Work with like-minded people, improve your meditation skills, and Zen wouldn’t be too far away again.

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