Turn Around A Bad Hair Day Through Meditation

hair optimizedAn old cliché states that your hair is your crowning glory.

Do you believe that? Does the state of your hair really define your most impressive and most notable aspect?

It might as well be true. Whenever our hair doesn’t look like the way it is “supposed” to — limp and lacklustre strands, misshapen curls, fly away ends, frizzy locks — our day doesn’t start right. Bad hair dampens our confidence, stomps on our mood, and diminishes the perking-up power of the usual cup of coffee we have every morning.

But did you know that you can experience the very familiar bad-hair day feeling even if your locks are as lustrous and velvety as silk?

To help you fight off bad-hair day blues regardless of whether it’s truly coming from fried strands or just an invisible cloud of gloom hanging over your head, here are mindfulness meditation tips to perk yourself up again:

Meditate Daily

You can’t escape stress but you can surely fend it off. Meditate daily to prevent stress from building up and stop anxiety dead on its tracks.

Meditation lowers cortisol also known as the “stress hormone”. It keeps your head clear and calm. It also reigns in your stress response in a good way. In other words, meditation helps you keep your cool and stay happy.

Learn How to Stop and Just Breathe

When you feel overwhelmed, stop, find a quiet corner, and just breathe. Pour all your focus into your breathing. Nothing else matters but the way you draw air in and out. Inhale more deeply and exhale longer than usual. Stay with it until you calm down and centre yourself again.

Know Yourself and Your Emotions

Spend a few silent minutes a day and examine how you feel. It will help you acknowledge and familiarise yourself with your emotions, most especially the negative ones. That way, if a situation riles you up, you can handle it gracefully.

Lift Your Mood with Kindness

kindness optimizedWe all have bad days. But, we can turn it around if we choose to. Remember, a bad day is just a bad day — not a bad life! Instead of sulking and caving in because of the world’s weight on your shoulders, lift your mood up by doing something good for others.

It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. It can be as simple as handing a homeless person a cup of coffee, holding the door open for a complete stranger, or tipping a server more than usual. The good gesture would definitely bring a smile to the other person’s face and positive vibes your way.





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