Use Your Emotions To Stay Calm And In Control Of Your Life

According to Science Daily, emotion is “a neural impulse that moves an organism to action, prompting automatic reactive behaviour that has been adapted through evolution as a survival mechanism to meet a survival need”.

Wow, isn’t that a mouthful?

To put it simply, emotions are feelings, intuitive reactions that come from within. They may translate into physical actions or not, but they certainly do not go unnoticed. If you prefer a literary definition, then emotions are the words the heart speaks.

Also, emotions control our life. They drive us to do what we do. Whether it’s inspiring or harmful (so sad but true), emotions are partly or totally behind it. Therefore, there must always be balance or at least strive to have one.

Here are five emotion-based meditation techniques that can change your life:

Self-Worth Meditation

Boost your self esteem with this. While sitting and breathing comfortably, slowly say “I am worthy”. Keep repeating this mantra for at least 20 minutes. Absorb the words’ meaning and pour your attention to every syllable. Don’t let thoughts distract you.

Abundance Meditation

Have a richer life, not necessarily financially, but fulfilling. Just like self-worth meditation, sit and breathe at a relaxed pace. This time, repeat these words “I breathe in abundance. There’s always more than enough”.

Thankfulness Meditation

The sense of gratitude is always a good emption to cultivate. At the end of the day, spend a few minutes recalling the moments you felt thankful for from the time you woke up. Linger in every moment and savour the thankfulness you felt.

Loving-Kindness Meditation

Send love and kindness to yourself and other people. Centre yourself with deep long breaths. Then say, “May I be happy, may I be well, may I be loved”. Repeat these words until you feel love and kindness envelope. Then think of another person, anyone you want. It could be a dear family member, a friend you haven’t talked to in a long time or even a stranger. Picture the person in your mind and say “May you be happy, may you be well, may you be loved”.

Forgiveness Meditation

Stop holding a grudge. It’s bad for your psyche. It’s bad for your health, too. Think of the person you’re having difficulty with and slowly send waves of forgiveness to him or her by saying, “I forgive you. You’re free”. It may be difficult at first but don’t let go. The feelings of animosity will dissolve in time.



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