Virtues of Silence

Virtues of Silence Post

The world is full of noise, and it’s not just physical noise. In this modern world, everything moves fast. You can get the news from a trending topic passed along over the web. We are always busy. There is so much to do in so little time that we barely have time to rest.

Not only is there so much noise around, but there is also so much noise going on inside the brain. From waking hours up until you get tired, your brain does not stop thinking.

It would be difficult to change the outside world, but you certainly can alter your inner self. While you do not hold the key to silencing your surroundings, you have a choice to silence your mind for a while. Meditative practice and yoga are prime examples of how you can find silence within.

Creativity Blooms

People accept noise thinking that this is the way to success. In our society, people are conditioned to think that you have to be busy and work non-stop to be successful. But if you wish to work more effectively, you need to stop and be silent for a while.

Experiencing silence is a way of opening up your mind, thus making way for more creative ideas to ensue. By silencing the noise and the mental clutter, your mind becomes detached for a while from the activities around you. In such a restful state, the mind becomes more malleable, more flexible and more able to come up with creative ideas.

Expressing What Words Can’t Say

Silence can be the best form of communication in some situations. In some cases, you do not need to talk or fill the void with noise. Listening and silence could be more important. There are times when no words are needed in order to communicate something accurately. Silence may also be the intelligent way of communicating what ranting cannot express.

Achieving Bliss

With all the confusion and chaos going on around you, you eventually feel tired and stressed out easily. Full rest is called for, but you can also find bliss if you silence the mind for a few minutes. A meditative state will help you achieve a blissful state and a calm mind. This silence will help to rejuvenate your spirit after hours of exposure to noise. When the mind is silenced for a while, it gets to a blissful state that leads to a happy perspective.


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