What’s Good about Ancient Health Remedies

Integrative medicine and alternative practices are terms that are being used for ancient health remedies today. Nowadays, however, these age-old health remedies are not so “ancient” or irrelevant anymore. Ayurveda, acupuncture, massage, homeopathy, biopuncture, Reiki, yoga, and meditation have become increasingly popular these days among health conscious people. Wellness centres are popping up everywhere because integrative therapy services have become so much in demand. Hospitals are also now offering some of these integrative approaches on-site to deliver more health benefits to clients and patients.

Discovered and practiced by centuries-old civilisations, “alternative” health practices have continued on through generations to bring good health and long lives to practitioners. As the world progressed and flourished with science and medicine, some have forgotten how well these health therapies worked ages ago. It is very fortunate, then, that research comes together with science and development. Proof came to be documented with study and research, and the benefits of these natural ways to health are now fully supported.

What’s good with integrative medicine is that these approaches are nature-related. Through ayurvedic medicine like yoga and meditation, practitioners are more relaxed and connected with nature. They are more equipped in the fight against stress and pain. With homeopathy and biopuncture, patients experience fewer or no side effects compared to easy pill-popping solutions. These have been proven effective through the years with simple ailments such as flu and colds and also helps with detoxification.

Facilities have also been known to offer tai chi instruction to help those suffering from Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders. Some centres promote the use of food as medicine and educate the public on the power and effects of food and diet on the body. Simply put, integrative medicine helps patients enormously in the fields of pain management, energy enhancement, health rehabilitation, weight-loss, neurological disorders and stress-related diseases.

Since integrative services are receiving much attention and getting high reviews, it has also received much needed credibility and approval with specialty certifications issued by Boards for recognition, as well as regulation. Patients can now experience better treatment and recovery for their conditions with conventional and integrative medicine combined.

As most of these therapies are all-natural, it would really help if you were to start early and focus more on prevention rather than cure. Choose one practice that you find to be interesting to begin with. Pick out something you like and one that you think would suit you most. You will be sure to gain more health benefits than you anticipated.



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