Why You Should Resolve to Meditate Today

Strip Power Away From Negative ThoughtsResolutions, resolutions, resolutions! Are you one of the gazillions in the world who write down their resolutions every time the new year comes around? Resolutions can sound clichéd and outdated to some but here’s one thing you should include in your new year’s must-do list: meditation. It will definitely change you in more ways than one.

1. Daily renewal. The people and happenings that you encounter during the day have a way of getting into your system. These may be undesirable forces, experiences, pressures and stresses that you don’t need. Meditation expels this negativity and renews you positively ready for a new day.

2. Clear out noise. Human anxieties, worries, irritations, all the hustle and bustle of the day’s busy-ness all combine to form one big noise around you, making it hard to focus on your day’s and life’s priorities. Meditation helps you do this, by calming you down and eliminating the unimportant matters from your life.

3. Increased self-awareness. By meditating, you get to see and know yourself better. You get a firm grasp of who you are by delving deep inside your thoughts, desires, and inner self. You become more conscious of your wants and your needs, making thoughts clearer and decisions easier.

4. Become more connected. With meditation, you are more conscious of your surroundings, of others, and of yourself. You realise how interconnected everything is to yourself and start to value others. You become kinder to others and to yourself when you recognise the dignity and preciousness of each life.

Say Goodbye to Hate with Loving-Kindness5. Awaken your creativity. When you meditate, you learn to focus on details and your powers of observation also grow stronger. With these, meditation can inspire you to create new and insightful ideas and solutions that may sometimes be blocked by your conscious mind.

6. Live with fulfilment. As you meditate and become more aware of the world around you, you have more appreciation for beauty and life all around. You realise that there is so much to be thankful for and you live with gratefulness. This leaves you with a feeling of peace, satisfaction and happiness within.

For sure, there are many more benefits, advantages and reasons why you should resolve to meditate this year. The above list is just a start. To find out more ways how meditation can change your life, give it a go as your new thing this year. Begin by smiling serenely in front of a mirror, coolly telling yourself,  “This year, I resolve to meditate”.




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